ISO 9001 - AS 9100 - ITAR Standard & Custom Optical Filters and Coatings




IR Optical Coatings for Aerospace Applications

Andover offers specialized coatings for high performance in the infrared (IR) spectrum which are ideal for many military, aerospace, and industrial tasks that require sophisticated, robust coating solutions. These coatings operate in the 3 to 5 micron and the 8 to 12 micron infrared (IR) spectral regions.
Within the 3 to 5 micron and the 8 to 12 micron infrared (IR) spectral regions, Andover has developed a variety of coating types. These include AR (antireflection), high reflectors, beam splitters, dichroic coatings and band pass filters. These infrared optical coatings are stable, durable, and meet or surpass the strict standards of most aerospace applications.

Our specialized coating processes allow the various thin film coatings to be applied onto many diverse substrates. Substrate materials include sapphire, silicon, germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, as well as most glass types compatible with the extended infrared (IR) spectral region.

In addition to manufacturing IR coatings, we have an extensive array of in-house test and measurement capabilities. Our facility is can provide spectral measurement testing (including cryogenic), environmental and physical testing, allowing us to rigorously characterize and test the thin film filters per customer specifications.

Our sputtering technology yields high performance, highly durable optical coatings. The precision, uniform coatings are extremely stable over temperature and humidity changes, meeting or exceeding many of the established aerospace standards.