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Salem, NH - January 28, 2023

Andover Corporation Releases New ADVANTECH™ Line of Hard Coat Bandpass Filters for High Performance in Demanding Applications

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Andover Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of optical filters, has released its new line of ADVANTECH™ hard coat bandpass filters. These state-of-the-art filters offer steep slopes, high light transmission, superior durability and long life for demanding applications, such as spectroscopy, fluorescence, imaging and sensing in the biomedical, machine vision and semiconductor industries.

ADVANTECH first surface bandpass filters provide transmission rates over 90% at wavelengths from 337-1200 nm. These hard coat filters are manufactured using a magnetron-sputtered hard oxide coating precisely deposited without any absorbing filter glass. This coating produces optical filters that are thinner and lighter weight while providing greater resistance to extreme temperatures, humidity, scratching and other environmental hazards. Additionally, hard oxide coatings are known to extend filter life to as long as 30 years. ADVANTECH hard coat filters are available in three standard sizes and mounted in an anodized aluminum ring.

"Andover is well known for its commitment to high quality and world-class customer service," said Michael Tiner, COO of Andover Corporation. "We are excited to add ADVANTECH to our ever-expanding line of hard coat and traditional optical filters so our customers can continue to excel at bringing cutting-edge technology to their markets."

ADVANTECH thin films can be customized and applied to a wide range of substrate materials to achieve deep blocking and high transmission for various application requirements. With a staff of in-house engineers, advanced testing capabilities and custom fabrication options, Andover is uniquely qualified to meet and exceed customers' needs for high performance and exceptional value.

About Andover

Andover Corporation designs and manufactures high-quality optical filters and coatings in Salem, NH, USA. Established in 1976, our 44,000 sq. ft. purpose-built facility includes advanced coating, polishing, fabricating and testing equipment on site. Andover provides filters and coatings for medical instrumentation, fluorescence studies, machine vision, agricultural imaging, ground-based and space-borne astronomical observation, telecommunications, military and civilian surveillance systems and defense targeting systems. Complete information is available on the company's website.