ISO 9001 - AS 9100 - ITAR Standard & Custom Optical Filters and Coatings


Legacy ANDV Filters come in a variety of wavelengths, bandwidths, and sizes.

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Part number W/L BW Size
ANDV3392 600nm 80nm 60mmØ
ANDV3784 800nm   46mmØ
ANDV3958 565nm   2.5" x 4"
ANDV3985 313nm 23nm 25mmØ
ANDV4195 632.8nm 2nm 25mmØ
ANDV4442 483.5nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV4565 386.5nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV4664 1000nm   50mmSQ
ANDV4687 700nm   50mmSQ
ANDV4773 725nm   63.5mm x 101.6mm
ANDV4804 270nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV4985     50mmSQ
ANDV5424 214nm 22nm 25mmØ
ANDV5559 675nm 40nm 25mmØ
ANDV5595     12mmSQ
ANDV5779 890nm 120nm 0.867" x 0.277"
ANDV5898 588.95nm 0.5-0.8nm 25mmØ
ANDV6012 670.78nm 0.5-0.8nm 25mmØ
ANDV6242 232nm 10nm 25mmØ
ANDV6318 880nm 20nm 50.8mmØ
ANDV6391 700nm   50mmSQ
ANDV6400 475nm   50mmSQ
ANDV6444 460nm 15nm 25mmØ
ANDV6445 403nm 20nm 25mmØ
ANDV7030   5.0 OD 12.7mmØ
ANDV7235 650nm   50mmSQ
ANDV7575 700nm   50mmØ
ANDV7620 500nm 80nm 25mmØ
ANDV7621 600nm 80nm 25mmØ
ANDV7622 700nm 80nm 25mmØ
ANDV7892 249.2nm 10nm 22.2mmØ
ANDV8232 685nm 30nm 52mmØ
ANDV8458 850nm   24mmØ
ANDV8539 1064nm 5nm 50mmØ
ANDV9045 337.13nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV4046 391.44nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV9047 501.57nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV9048 590.6nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV9049 601.36nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV9078 358.21nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV9229 505nm   20mmSQ
ANDV9230 505nm/575nm   20mmSQ
ANDV9231 585nm   20mmSQ
ANDV9240     22.5mmSQ
ANDV9263   2.0 OD 9.5mmØ
ANDV9478 844.6nm 2nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV9602 800nm   50mmSQ
ANDV9617 1064nm 1nm 25mmØ
ANDV9872 226nm 10nm 10mmØ
ANDV9966 680nm   25mmØ
ANDV9972   3.0 OD 12.7mmØ
ANDV10057 490nm 10nm 18mmØ
ANDV10058 520nm 10nm 18mmØ
ANDV10059 550nm 10nm 18mmØ
ANDV10060 580nm 10nm 18mmØ
ANDV10061 610nm 10nm 18mmØ
ANDV10214 722.5nm   100mmØ
ANDV10383   3.8 OD 12.7mmØ
ANDV10400     50mmØ
ANDV10743 294nm 2nm 25mmØ
ANDV10893 480nm 40nm 15mmØ
ANDV10894 535nm 60nm 15mmØ
ANDV10948     11mmØ
ANDV11094 800nm   25mmØ
ANDV11096 1064nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV11264 630nm 10nm 18mmØ
ANDV11265 680nm 20nm 18mmØ
ANDV11266 650nm 80nm 25mmØ
ANDV11333 830nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV11362 950nm   10mmØ
ANDV11851 750nm   25mmØ
ANDV12005 405nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV12096 425nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12097 450nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12098 500nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12099 550nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12100 600nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12101 650nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12102 700nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV12155 450nm   15mmØ
ANDV12169 700nm   25mmØ
ANDV12349 840nm 10nm 17.78mmØ
ANDV12438 10400nm 1500nm 10mmØ
ANDV12889 656nm 1nm 38.1mmØ
ANDV13599 850nm 10nm 25mmØ
ANDV13620 450nm 40nm 50mmØ
ANDV13621 500nm 40nm 50mmØ
ANDV13622 550nm 40nm 50mmØ
ANDV13623 600nm 40nm 50mmØ
ANDV13624 700nm 40nm 50mmØ
ANDV13644 1654nm 30nm 10mmØ
ANDV13689 214nm 22nm 25mmØ
ANDV14189 308nm 10nm 25mmØ
ANDV14241 685nm 30nm 52mmØ
ANDV14269 1064nm 3nm 66mmØ
ANDV14306   0.5 OD 12.5mmØ
ANDV14778 350nm 10nm 55mmØ
ANDV14864 640nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV15085 1063.7nm 2.5nm 68mmØ
ANDV15141 710nm 20nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15301 1064nm 10nm 14mmØ
ANDV15380 703nm 20nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15381 763nm 20nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15399 220nm 10nm 20mmØ
ANDV15432 479.99nm 1.7nm 25.4mmØ
ANDV15436 450nm 80nm 73.5nmØ
ANDV15462 1550nm 5nm 25mmØ
ANDV15536 404.7nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15574 334nm 10nm 12.7mmØ
ANDV15588 IR ND 1.50 OD 8.95mmØ
ANDV15628 200nm 10nm 25mmØ
ANDV15659 Blue Additive 31mmØ
ANDV15660 Red Additive 31mmØ
ANDV15661 Green Additive 31mmØ
ANDV15662 IR ND 1.0 OD 10mmSQ
ANDV15670 700 SWP   0.175inSQ
ANDV15671 1535nm 50nm  
ANDV15700 A/R window    
ANDV15703 520nm 10nm  
ANDV15709 KG-5 sheet 16.5mm
ANDV15717 Surgical Microscope Filter
ANDV15721 794.7nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV15722 794.7nm 10nm 25mmØ
ANDV15723 1190nm 15nm 25.4mmØ
ANDV15724 1260nm 15nm 25.4mmØ
ANDV15725 1290nm 15nm 25.4mmØ
ANDV15734 490nm LWP/SWP 16mmØ
ANDV15736 NIR Notch 11mmØ
ANDV15737 468.6nm 2nm 75mmØ
ANDV15745 1900nm 10nm 25.4mmØ
ANDV15748 IR ND 1.5 OD 25mmØ
ANDV15754 485nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15755 530nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15756 585nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15757 640nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15758 520nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15759 560nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15760 615nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15761 670nm 10nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15762 940nm 2nm 25mmSQ
ANDV15768 518nm 20nm 50mmØ
ANDV15783 ND 3.0 OD 50mmSQ
ANDV15788 Custom LWP Beamsplitter 25mmØ
ANDV15789 Custom LWP Beamsplitter 25mmØ
ANDV15790 Custom LWP Beamsplitter 25mmØ
ANDV15791 Custom LWP Beamsplitter 25mmØ
ANDV15792 IR ND 2.0 OD 12.7mmØ
ANDV15800 1000nm SWP 14mmØ
ANDV15802 1310nm Beamsplitter 10mm x 8mm
ANDV15815 UV Cold Mirror 56mm x 76mm
ANDV15816 532nm 1.5nm 50mmØ
ANDV15817 517.2nm 1nm 12.5mmØ
ANDV15818 529nm 2nm 25mmØ
ANDV15819 777.4nm 1nm 50mmØ
ANDV15820 686.28nm 1nm 50mmØ
ANDV15831 350nm LWP 75mmØ
ANDV15832 656nm 1.5nm 118mmØ
ANDV15834 425nm 10nm 8mmØ
ANDV15835 688nm 2nm 8mmØ
ANDV15837 200nm 10nm 25mmØ
ANDV15840 588.158nm 0.5nm 50mmØ
ANDV15841 590.158nm 0.5nm 50mmØ
ANDV15842 589.158nm 3nm 50mmØ
ANDV15843 518nm 10nm 50mmØ
ANDV15844 1646nm 5nm 25mmØ
ANDV15845 222nm 26nm 100mm x 150mm
ANDV15846 870nm 10nm 8mmØ
ANDV15847 630nm 0.3nm 50mmØ
ANDV15855 3800nm 800nm 12.7mmØ
ANDV15856 400nm 40nm 8mmØ
ANDV15857 500nm 40nm 8mmØ
ANDV15858 600nm 40nm 8mmØ
ANDV15859 800nm 40nm 8mmØ
ANDV15860 900nm 40nm 8mmØ
ANDV15888 455nm LWP 18mmØ
ANDV15889 3.77micron 0.62micron 40mmØ
ANDV15890 4.69micron 0.23micron 40mmØ
ANDV15891 SWP   40mmØ
ANDV14422 1000nm LWP 25mmØ
ANDV15893 Fused Silica Window   9.97mmØ
ANDV15895 IR ND 0.5 OD 25mmØ
ANDV15896 IR ND 1.0 OD 25mmØ
ANDV15897 IR ND 2.0 OD 25mmØ
ANDV15898 IR ND 3.0 OD 25mmØ