ISO 9001 - AS 9100 - ITAR Standard & Custom Optical Filters and Coatings

Optical Testing & Measurement Capabilities


Andover has the ability to perform a wide variety of testing and measurements to ensure compliance with all applicable customer specifications, as well as military and aerospace standards. Our testing capabilities are extensive, including both automated spectrophotometers for broadband spectral measurements and ultra-high-resolution spectrophotometers for narrowband measurements. Our optical metrology lab features a custom-designed, computer-controlled tunable interferometer to measure transmitted wavefronts beyond the capabilities of a traditional laser interferometer.

Inspection & Testing

  • Mitutoyo optical comparator

  • Near-infrared inclusion tester

  • Janis cryostat tunable from 77°K to 500°K

  • Custom-made tunable white light interferometer

  • Zygo laser interferometers

  • Environmental test chambers – humidity and temperature cycling

  • Optical alignment testing capabilities

  • Custom testing & inspection

  • Calibrations


Utilizing the Cary 7000 spectrophotometer, Andover is able to measure absolute specular reflection over a wide range of angles, facilitating very accurate measurements of dichroic cube beamsplitter performance, and other complex measurements.

We check all filter glass for striae, bubbles, and inclusions using our custom-designed inclusion tester. This instrument detects minute defects, even in materials that do not transmit visible light.

Our in-house environmental chambers allow us to perform routine and custom product testing at temperatures from -62°C to over 500°C. This capability, along with the ability to vary humidity levels, ensures compliance with your custom specification or MIL standard.

Most interferometers rely on laser light to produce interference fringes. Many bandpass filters cannot be measured with these instruments, as they do not transmit the laser wavelength. To solve this problem, we constructed a computerized, tunable white light interferometer that produces actual transmitted wavefront interferograms of filters at any wavelength in the range of 350nm–1100nm.

To ensure total quality control, our equipment is custom designed and constructed to our exact specifications.



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(See Images above)
  • Screenshot of the output from Andover's tunable interferometer showing the transmitted wavefront of an Image Quality filter measured at 529.2nm
  • Our Cary 7000 spectrophotometer enables us to measure absolute specular reflection at a wide range of angles, facilitating very accurate measurements of dichroic cube beamsplitter performance, and other complex measurements.
  • Our 1.26-meter spectrophotometer on a 4-meter bench allows us to resolve features as narrow as .0025nm