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Andover Insights: Chapter 1

In part 1 of our Andover Insights series, we meet Mike Tiner, COO of Andover Corporation, and learn the basics of optical coatings and filters, our facility's impressive capabilities, and the importance of properly preparing the substrate (base material) to produce the highest-quality filters.


Andover Insights: Chapter 2

In the second installment of our seminar series, COO Mike Tiner talks about Andover Corporation's wide array of coating technologies, technicians, and critical fabrication processes, to ensure a perfect optical solution for every customer's needs. Mike also discusses the various testing processes to confirm every optical filter, coating, and assembly that Andover Corporation produces is top-quality, and meets the customers unique specifications.

Andover Insights: Chapter 3

In the third installment of our seminar series, Andover Corporation's Mike Tiner explores one of the most important steps to "solving the puzzle" when it comes to the perfect optical filter or coating for the customer: selecting the proper base material, known commonly as the "substrate".

Andover Insights: Chapter 4

In Chapter 4 of Andover Insights, we explore which criteria and requirements of optical filters and coatings affect the cost, and what types of considerations can result in the most effective and durable coatings at the best price point.

Andover Insights: Chapter 5

In this installment of Andover Insights, we look at the process of developing a solution for our customer, from initial triage to final design review. COO Mike Tiner explains how our experts guide you through the key considerations, including substrate selection, manufacturability, and theoretical vs. actual results. Discover how we ensure precision and quality every step of the way, resulting in the most effective and cost-conscious optical coating solution for every customer's specific need.

Andover Insights: Chapter 6

In Chapter 6 of our series, we explore and compare the various sputtering technologies used in producing our premium optical filters. Learn about the respective benefits and drawbacks of magnetron sputtering, e-beam technology, and resistance evaporation. Andover Corporation COO Mike Tiner explains how these technologies contribute to our manufacturing processes, and how they affect the properties of the finished product.

Andover Insights: Chapter 7

In the final chapter of our "Andover Insights" series, COO Mike Tiner leads us through two fascinating case studies with prime contractors Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Discover how Andover Corporation tackled complex engineering challenges to develop innovative optical solutions for these industry leaders. Watch now to uncover the fascinating engineering behind these successful projects.

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