ISO 9001 - AS 9100 - ITAR Standard & Custom Optical Filters and Coatings

Drone optical imaging systems


Delivering advanced sensing and imaging outcomes for mission critical land, air and sea platforms from VIS to LWIR.

Our Infrared Neutral Density filters are now available with a back-surface anti-reflection coating as an additional option. The Standard IRND filters consist of an attenuating film on one side of a Germanium substrate leaving the other surfaces uncoated. Both the attenuating surfaced the uncoated Germanium surface are partially reflective. This can create what is known as an etalon effect due to interference between the beams reflected from each surface. The etalon effect can produce fringe artifacts in images and intensity variations with wavelength.

The anti-reflection coating lowers the reflection of the uncoated surface, thereby greatly reducing the intensity of one of the interfering beams, and effectively disabling the etalon effect.

Our optics enable leading edge security & defense applications such as:

  • Visible and infrared target acquisition
  • Vision systems for low light/haze/fog conditions
  • Imaging systems for helmet mounted displays
  • Optical trackers
  • Thermal and night vision
  • UAV payloads
  • Laser range finders/designators
  • Hyperspectral imagers
  • HUD