ISO 9001 - AS 9100 - ITAR Standard & Custom Optical Filters and Coatings


J-band 1100nm to 1400nm

H-band 1500nm to 1800nm

K-band 2000nm to 2400nm

L-band 3000nm to 4000nm

M-band 4600nm to 5000nm

N-band 7500nm to 14500nm





Near-Infrared, Mid-Wave Infrared, and Far-Infrared Astronomy bands

J and H bands are popular for ground astronomy because these wavelengths pass through clouds and other atmospheric gases allowing ground observatories access to the skies. 

K-band, K standing for Kurz which is the German word for short, is commonly used in short range applications due to water vapor absorption. 

L and M bands can be commonly combined and are the most widely used in today's advancing CubeSat and SmallSat markets. Mercury Cadmium Telluride (HgCdTe) detectors cover this range from 600nm to 5 microns. Applications for aircraft surveillance, satellite navigation, and mapping of the troposphere for weather monitoring are all growing industries.

N band is the Far-Infrared where hot thermal bodies can be mapped like volcanoes and lava flows on earth. This range of filters is usually used with an uncooled Microbolometer.

Andover Corporation has been producing custom J-band, H-band, K-band, L-band, M-band, and even N-band IR filters for years. Each band can be customized to fit your project. Contact Andover Technical Sales if you have any questions or require a quotation for a custom size or mounting.