ISO 9001 - AS 9100 - ITAR Standard & Custom Optical Filters and Coatings


Unveil the wonders of the cosmos with our range of precision optical filters tailored for solar and space observation. From capturing the dynamic surface features of the Sun to combating light pollution and enhancing astrophotography, our filters are your gateway to clearer, more vibrant views of the universe.

H-Alpha Filter

Experience unparalleled views of the Sun’s dynamic surface features with our H-alpha filter, with high transmission and blocking capabilities for enhanced detail and contrast.

Product specs: 656HC07-31M-H-alpha 
  • Center Wavelength 656.3nm ± 1.2nm
  • > 92% Transmission
  • BW 7.0nm ± 1nm



ClearSky Filter

Combat light pollution and atmospheric skyglow with our ClearSky filter. Engineered to selectively block sodium and lime light at the 590nm wavelength, it improves the visibility of celestial objects, providing a clear view of the night sky.

Product specs: ClearSky Na590-25

Surface One - Notch Coated to Achieve:

  • Transmission < 20% at 590nm ± 5nm
  • Transmission (Average) Out of Band > 90 % from 400nm - 1000nm

Surface Two - A/R Coated:

  • Reflectance (Average) < 1.5% from 400nm - 1000nm